Principal's Message




“I have been very pleased with the transformation by both the students and staff with the incorporation of Blended Learning. Seeing the amazing data results and the academic growth in our students has motivated the entire school." - Julie Kolbeck, Principal

Christ the King teachers and staff believe every child deserves a Christ-Centered, personal education, tailored to their own strengths and weaknesses. To make that belief a reality, the school has adopted a small group instruction model for students in 1st- 6th grade. Small group instruction combines technology, one-on-one teacher/student interaction, and individual work time to help students learn at their own pace.

During small group instruction in reading and math, a class is split up into three groups. The first group sits in a small group of students with the teacher to work on reading sections or math problems in a one-on-one atmosphere. The second group works on the I-Ready program on a Chromebook covering the same topic. The third group works at independent workstations on an assignment given to the class and learns independently.

Our students and teachers would say the most important piece of the small group instruction model is “The Teacher Table.” It allows for personal instruction based on the student’s individual skillset. “I like having smaller groups because it is easier to learn. I also like working with the teacher one-on-one,” says Elianna Dengler, student.

Teachers like small group instruction too. Many say the one-on-one setting allows them to focus on one student at a time to get more familiar with their students on an individual basis. “Small group instruction allows me to monitor student progress. “The small group size has allowed for collaboration amongst students because they feel more comfortable sharing,” says Jenny Quissell, teacher.