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SFO (School Family Organization)

Parent involvement is an important component of student success. Each Bishop O'Gorman Catholic Schools elementary has a School and Family Organization (SFO).
The purpose of SFO is to provide support through volunteer services and fundraising activities. SFO provides a means of communication between parents, school faculty, Bishop O'Gorman Catholic Schools committees and the Catholic community. In addition, SFO promotes programs of information and education along with spiritual and social activities for students, families and faculty.
The funds raised through SFO support a wide variety of needs at the school. SFO funds have been used to purchase computers, iPads, Chromebooks, desks, chairs, tables, Smart Boards, gym equipment, playground equipment, musical instruments… just to name a few items. In addition, SFO funds are also used for class field trips, staff appreciation, student rewards and celebrations, such as the 6th grade graduation reception.
Christ the King School has a strong SFO and parent community. All parents and guardians of students at the school are members of the organization. Attending SFO meetings and events is a great way to meet other school families and become part of this wonderful school community! We look forward to welcoming you to the Christ the King School family!!